She said she liked foodtrucks? I wonder which one’s her favorite.
Hey Rhina! Talk to me about Philadelphia — what are some cool things to do here?
You can never go wrong with a foodtruck. But listen carefully, Magic Carpet and Bui’s are in a league of their own.
I know where I am eating today. What’s your favorite music genre?
Agh I love so many! From Afrobeats, to R&B, to Hip hop. And, Bachata or Reggaeton, of course (I’m Dominican, it’s in our blood).
Rhina, I hear that you are the empress of Wharton swag?
Your’s truly. But there’s much more to me as an Associate Director. I manage the first year experience, advise students (especially cluster 1), and I do data analytics for our team.
Alright, that was a bit about Rhina. Don’t be shy, call her if you want to chat more (or if you want to know which was her lie was): 215.746.4216.
Moving on — who do we meet next?
and here’s a little more about her
Here’s Rhina :)
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