Wait a second, she’s a Penn alum?
I am indeed!
Meet new people. And take advantage of the food & bars here. Here are my favorite spots: Relish, Down North and all the karaoke bars in Chinatown.
Sure sounds like a blast. What is one thing you are currently obsessing over?
I love supporting black owned businesses, and it’s empowering to see so many right here in Philly
You are the Associate Director of Student Life? What does that mean?
In a nutshell, I am all about making connections and fostering a strong and supportive Wharton community. I am also here to advise you on how to nail this 2-year experience and beyond.
Thank you Ariyon! That was so wholesome — call her anytime at: 215.898.3079
Next up?
Oh hey Ariyon! So how does one make the most of Wharton?
What’s she got in store for us?
Welcome to Ariyon’s page!
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