Wow, he really likes books.
Hey Joe! How about film/TV? Got any favorites?
It will have to be Survivor, The Great British Baking Show and Black Mirror.
That’s a very… diverse palate. Now, is it true that you think Wharton is like Hogwarts?
Of course! It’s magical! Just look at all the incredible things people have started here. It’s a place where dreams come true.
That sure sounds magical. Final one — what’s your day to day like as an Associate Director?
There’s a lot — I run the transition programs (think welcome & orientation days), work with Cluster 2 and help out a few clubs. But what I love most is advising students daily on how to figure out their Wharton experience.
And that is Joe :) Want to chat to him more? Just drop him a message at 215.573.8020.
Alright, moving on! Who do you want to meet next?
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