That was something... Time for a rapid fire round!
Hey Eddie! I am dying to know, what are you an expert on?
I am true coffee connoisseur. And while America may run on Dunkin', I am true to my favorite authentic Philly Coffeeshops: Elixr, Menagerie and Avril 50.
That last one is good. Is it true that you met your best friend at the gym?
Of course — do you not socialize at the gym? Common.
I guess I will start now. Final question, what do you do at Wharton?
I am the Director of MBA Student Life. Our office is in lockstep with you your entire two year experience. We are connected with the entire university andinvested in your wholistic success as an individual.
So that was Eddie, what did you think? Call him if you want to get to know him better: 215.573.5756.
That was fun. Now, who’s next?
Let’s get to know him better.
This is Eddie!
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